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Marten repellent - Marten expulsion

What you should know absolutely ...

With my long time activities working for one of the largest car dealers of Germany I have gained
much experience regarding Marten problems.

We have examined and tested many and the most popular Marten repellent systems on the market. Through studie on Marten behavior and these tests we where able to produces the best Marten repellent system on the market today!

I warn of it buying a cheap product. Perhaps these calm your conscience but under no circumstances it fulfill the desired purpose.
Who isn't willing to invest a little more money into a good marten repellent system,
must reckon that his vehicle is a subject of a marten damage once more.
Our product was especially tested in vehicles, where Marten has caused damages repeatedly.
To this day, a marten has never caused a damage to one of these cars again !!!

Also the contact with our customers, long time after our Marten repellent system has been assembled into their vehicle, this confirms over-house high Answer-to-seize ratio and the satisfaction about our quality product.

marder auto Magazine: Men`s Health of May 2005

Here too our Mardersicher got photographed, represented, mentioned positive and advantageously.

marder auto

We answer questions of our customers as quickly as possible.

Most important first is to remove once the marten smells!
You should absolutely carry out a motor wash at your vehicle.

Martens often bite only if they detect the smell of a rival in their area.
If possible the parking lot of your car should gets cleaned up with soap solution.

You should listen to the opinion of many experts and assemble our electronic repellent equipment compositely with ultrasound as next.

Only these measures promise reliable protection against Marten damages over a quite long time period.
According to a study a marten likes to return back to the places itself felt well before and regarding as his area.

Now the question is: what is expecting it here ???

Our marten repellent equipment "Mardersicher MS12V" produces a frequency modulated ultrasound with a 114 dB effective sound pressure. The marten dislikes this very much. By the frequency modulation a so-called acclimatization effect is prevented. A stay at the vehicle almost is impossible to the Marten.

However, should a rodent nevertheless go to the front axle area/engine compartment, it gets by touching one of the assembled electric plates and vehicle ground (minus) an electric shock. The marten is driven into the escape before it can cause a damage!

Only this way a permanent and active protection against Marten damage can be given.

Professional marten defense equipment "Mardersicher ms 12 V"

Unit price 115. € plus Value added tax


Cheap ultrasound bleepers, smell sprays, loo stones, dog hair or household remedies of any manner, have only short-term effect if ever!
Trials of biologists of the study group wild biology also confirm this at Justus-Liebig university pour registered association.

We also can point to the current information shipment W - Wie Wissen (point of knowledge) in the ARD of 9-1-2004 .
(German TV)

The only effective protection was made clear, only through using high-quality high tension defense equipment with ultrasound takes place.

Remark to leasing vehicles:

Our "Mardersicher" is simply to assemble into rented vehicles to since it can be removed fast without traces.

You can assemble our product without to drill fastening holes. The leased vehicle can be given back without any damages by Martens.

Troubles at board electronics are excluded since electromagnetic compatibility was checked for the Mardersicher system.

Feedback emails of our Customers often appearing verry much interesting.

We want to thank you for these quite cordially:

Followingly reconciles examples:


approx. a 3/4 year ago i bought the marten protection - equipment from you because I permanently had to change Cooling water hoses.

I also had tried out everything possible before but nothing has helped!
First, i was rather sceptical about your device because it isn't cheap at all.

But i must revise my opinion. Not a single marten has been able to take a closer look
under the hood of my car since I have installed the device!

Therefore the device works tip in moderation. My deep respect !!! I will recommend your produkt to everybody !!

Yours sincerely

Sebastian Beichert
Siemens TelekommunikationsService Gmbh & Co OHG

I would like to thank you for the fast delivery of the marten defense device quite cordially. (ordered via internet on Sunday and delivered on Tuesday).

I have installed the device at once the next day. Check this out. The daily visits of the marten in the engine compartment of my vehicle failed to appear!

I can finally stop my vehicle and beeing of easy conscience, without now experiencing the next bad surprise at the start.

This doesn't only save nerves and time but also every lot of money!

Yours sincerely

Bernd Parusel

many thanks for the shown confidence at the sending of the marten protection.
We have had installed the device within the last few days.
It works very simply talking about the operation.
The marten runs around in our property furthermore, too. Around the car or even about this though no more.

He still runs around, this we see at the estates (feces) next to the car (separation approx. 1 m). It seems to work.

Yours sincerely

Olaf Brauer

many thanks for your support at the mounting of the marten defense device. I have installed and connected up the device already into the vehicle.

(I have been able to establish no marten activities fortunately also more foot, bite and urine traces etc.) since then.

The "thing" seems to work splendidly

Yours sincerely
R. Komar

Despite the Siberian cold of almost minus 20 degrees no more martens have been lured of the motor warmth of my car.

They may have found replacement. I will recommend your product.

Yours sincerely, T. Bühlmann /Schweiz